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We are on a mission next year to make it easily accessible for people to sample just how tasty plant based meals can be and educate the health benefits not just to our bodies but to our planet also.

"Even if I do say so myself, we have created the ultimate street food vending machine!"  

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It has now been proven that the meat production industry is the number one cause to many issues our planet is currently facing.

The facts speak for themselves;

  • A plant based diet cuts your carbon foot print by 50%
  • Global greenhouse gas emissions equals 51% due to livestock and their byproducts, 13% due to transport (road, rail, air and marine).
  • 1 hamburger needs 660 gallons of water to produce, equivalent to showering for 2 months.
  • Livestock covers 45% of the earths total land.
  • 1.5 acres of land can equal 37000 LBS of plant based food or just 375 LBS of meat.
  • Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction.

We can make a difference, simply by eating less animal products and replacing them with plants.


Where the funds will go:

  • Create a fully equipped street vending truck which includes a chef table to offer cooking classes and demos.
  • Ensure the truck meets the required health and a safety standard.
  • Deliver everything you see in the above picture, we are taking care of everything else such as food, packaging and recipe boxes.
  • Kickstart our 2 year campaign of which we are working directly with the charity Sustain.
  • Ensure we can secure key locations for maximum exposure for our mission.

About our food

With 3 best selling cookbooks behind us and a recipe website that attracts over 500,000 visitors a month we are able to keep developing inspirational ideas to hopefully encourage everyone to experiment and see just how tasty veggies can be.

 Our goals:

  • It is our aim to travel up and down the country visiting food fairs, markets and local high streets.
  • Support homeless charities by giving out healthy food in London.
  • Deliver recipe boxes that feature all the ingredients someone needs to start cooking and trying something new.
  • Encourage national and local restaurants to reduce the meat offering on their menus by 20% and introduce healthier plant based meals.
  • Gather the support of other well known chefs who support the same views and ethos.
  • Encourage die hard meat eaters to join us and reduce their meat intake a couple of days a week.
  • Change the perception around "free from*" vegetarian meals and improve the quality current offered.

(*Free from - Gluten, Wheat, Refined Sugar and Cow's Dairy)


  • Our dedicated team are ready to help support the tour.
  • Are friends at Sustain will be supporting us throughout and ensuring our efforts do make a difference.
  • We are able to report our progress through weekly updates and live online streaming.
  • Our Central London kitchens we will producing sample dishes and preparing our recipe boxes.  Our ingredients are sourced locally and are organic.
  • With your support we will be able to spread our message to everyone we meet along the way. 
  • Your pledge/gift could make a great christmas gift...

If you would like to create your own pledge please do get in contact directly.

Risks and challenges

We have identified that the major risk is in our message delivery. We don't want to come across as a meat hating activist, which we are not.

We believe by showing people great tasting meals (that just happen not to include meat) is the way forward.

We want to surprise people with different taste combinations and show how much money can be saved.

We will make It clear this isn't about preaching, we understand and respect everyone has a view, Our message through out is very clear and simple:

We can make a difference, simply by eating less animal products and replacing them with plants.

We are aware this isn't and wont be a overnight fix, we have identified a number of key milestones that will high light just how effective we are being over the next 2 years and help steer us to have the most effect.

We are experienced in food production and with our kitchens we are able to deliver super tasty food in high volumes using organic ingredients from our reliable, local suppliers.

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Lest save the planet and mankind

Dec 02, 2015

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