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The 5 Best Organic Turkeys

If you eat meat, choose an organic turkey this Christmas. Battery birds are pumped with antibiotics and fed 24 hours on corn or GMO grain (which means the meat is higher in inflammatory omega 6). On the other hand, turkeys fed an organic diet and allowed to forage for greens have far more healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Here are our top choices:


A Whole Organic Bronze Turkey 6kg (approx. 10) £95.00

Raised on Daylesford’s organic Gloucestershire farm, these bronze turkeys live freely outdoors their whole lives, foraging and socialising. As they mature they are fed on Daylesford’s organic oats for a rich and succulent meat.

Marks and Spencer

British Organic Free-Range Pembrokeshire Bronze Turkey, 4-5.5kg (serves 6 to 10) £44-£60.50

Reared by a fifth generation farmer, these turkeys forage in a National Park in Wales. The birds have constant daytime access to lush pastures and come from slow growing bronze strains – providing delicious flavour.  

Duchy Organic

Free Range Bronze Feathered Turkey, 3-5kg (serves approx. 6) £62.45 (max price)

These turkeys are ‘very playful and always on the go,’ according to Vince Carr, a farmer living in the hills of Ireland who supplies to Waitrose. ‘When you live with animals, you can tell when they’re happy just by looking at them, and I know mine are.’


Norfolk Black Organic Turkey, 4 kg (serves approx. 6) £75.50

Acorns, stinging nettles, docks, windfall apples and even blackberries are all among the favourite forage food of these organic turkeys.

Swillington Organic Farm

Free Range Organic Turkey for 6kg (approx. 10) £102.55

Last year Swillington’s Christmas Turkeys sold out. Get in quick if you want one of these heritage birds – the farm was one of Rick Stein’s Food Heroes as seen on BBC’s the One Show.



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