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5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Frustrated with stubborn fat? Dr. Libby Weaver, nutritional biochemist and author of Accidentally Overweight (Hay House, £10.99) looks at 5 common roadblocks.

It might suppress your appetite but too many espressos can also make you hold onto weight. ‘People respond quite differently to coffee – and this is a result of their individual biochemistry,’ says Weaver. ‘We know that it enhances pleasure sensations so it can certainly impact mood, but we also know that it drives the production of adrenalin, which long-term can result in weight gain.’

Fat-Storing Bacteria

The type of bacteria in your gut dramatically influences your fat-burning potential: ‘People with more ‘Bacteroidetes’ in their large bowel have been shown to burn fat more readily while those with more ‘Firmicutes’ are more likely to store fat.’ So how can you attract more of the good guys? Weaver goes into great detail in Accidentally Overweight but one tip is to start the day with alkaline aloe vera juice.

You’re fixated on weight loss
Instead, Weaver encourages people to approach their goals with a focus on health. ‘For example, if you are tired, resolve your fatigue. If you get PMS, resolve the sex hormone imbalance. If you experience recurrent headaches, get to the heart of this. When we become healthier, weight loss is a natural outcome.’

‘Estrogen lays down fat. Progesterone on the other hand, is essential for us to be able to access body fat to burn it,’ says Weaver. ‘Progesterone is one of our most powerful anti-anxiety agents. It is also an anti-depressant and a diuretic, which means that it allows us to excrete any excess fluid we may be carrying.’ 

Eating at Your Desk
If you must eat ‘al desko’ try and go for a 10 minute walk first to reduce stress and move your body. And be mindful of what you bring back to the office: ‘Eating at your desk tends to influence the types of food we choose for example it’s much easier to eat a sandwich or pastry in front of your desk than it is a salad, or something that requires cutting up.’

[1] Released 5th January, RRP £10.99


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