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Teetotal Dinner Party Guide

There is no need to lock yourself away this January if you’re off the booze. Watching endless box sets with your other half or housemate can get pretty dull, pretty quickly - so be brave, keep your sanity, and have your friends over for an alcohol-free evening.

The trick is to keep things cosy and the conversation flowing - and focus on the benefits: no hangover the next day, no burning the brownies because you were three glasses in, no red-wine faux pas, nor morning-after anxiety 

* Set the Mood: Dim the lights, light the candles and put on your best playlist. Take some inspiration from Natasha’s Thank God It’s Friday list[1] - think Alt-J, Amy Winehouse, Parov Stelar.

* Play the Game: No need to keep creativity to the kitchen. One particularly memorable dinner party involved playing ‘guess the food related band name’ before each course. Think Smashing Pumpkins, Meatloaf, The Cranberries. Instant hilarity. Stimulate your brain – and get that hit of dopamine – from something other than alcohol.

* Make the Mocktails: Mix vanilla extract, apple, soda and Seedlip (see recipe here[2]). The distilled non-alcoholic spirit is made from six botanicals – 2 barks, 2 spices, 2 citrus peels. The sophisticated drink is a far better option than sugary coke or lemonade (acid-forming and waist-expanding). You can purchase Seedlip from the Honestly Healthy Marketplace. Or you could try making Natasha’s warming cinnamon mulled (non) wine[3].

* Delicious Dessert: After a dry dinner party your guests deserve a proper pudding. Try this easy to make chocolate almond cake[4], or gluten-free warm apple pie[5] served with dairy-free ice cream. You can enjoy them guilt-free knowing you’ve avoided all those hidden calories in the alcohol.


Get Seedlip here: First non alcoholic distilled spirit available on our Market Place... 


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Mmmm, I bet Seedlip is amazing. I have a feeling it still come in handy once dry January is over too.

Jan 16, 2016

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