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News that processed meats were a major cause of cancer sparked a media frenzy last year. In October the World Health Organisation announced that bacon, sausages, salami and ham were ‘group one carcinogens’, placing them in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, alcohol and tobacco[1].

The nitrosamines in cured meat have been previously linked to cancer[2], and eating a heavy meat based diet may increase your risk. Dr. Michael Greger – who scours over 27,000 papers on nutrition every year - believes that eating more meat significantly ups your chances of developing colon cancer[3].

 However, what was sorely missing from the debate, was this headline:
‘Cows, the biggest cause of climate change.’

Because, whether meat causes cancer or not, is a moot point when you consider that the human race will not survive if we keep eating as much as we do.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also responsible for 91% of Amazon destruction, and the leading cause of species extinction.

Anyone who has seen the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’  (executive produced by vegetarian Leonardo DiCaprio) will recognize these figures.

The game-changing film also shows in graphic detail how much water is wasted in the production of meat; you use 660 gallons by eating one burger. That’s the equivalent of showering for two months.

In fact, the meat and dairy industry use a whopping one third of the earth’s fresh water. It’s sobering news for the meat eater who recycles, has short showers and uses public transport where possible. All these valiant attempts to save the environment are nothing compared to the difference you could make by choosing the Portobello mushroom burger next time you’re hungover on Sunday.

So what is the answer? Eat Less and Better Quality Meat

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Apr 25, 2016


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