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How Bio Identical Hormones Changed My Life

‘Two years ago my emotions were all over the place and I was holding onto the most insane amount of fluid; I would put on about a stone of water in the week before and during my period. This of course made me feel overweight and awful for half of the month!

It was my mum who suggested I go and see Dr. Martin Galy[1] about Bio identical hormones, she said: ‘I wish I’d known about it when I was younger because I think it might change your life.’ She was right.

When I went into Dr. Galy’s office for my first consultation, he didn’t even need to do blood tests; he knew, just from looking at me, what was wrong. I was not producing enough progesterone.

Dr Galy explained that when we don’t have the right ratio of oestrogen and progesterone throughout the month it affects mood, leads to water retention, poor sleep – all the things I was experiencing.

So Dr. Galy prescribed me a tiny dose of natural progesterone. Read more about natural progesterone here. And I can’t tell you – within a month my life had changed, I was not crying, I was not bloated anymore. I felt like a normal person; ALL month.

I realised what an impact it was having when I ran out of cream. I remember literally hyperventilating, crying, for absolutely no reason. My husband Simon came in and asked me ‘what’s wrong?’ and I said ‘I don’t know… but I have run out of cream!’ I could not stop crying, i was an emotional wreck. 

How often do you take it?

The prescription for everyone will be different – depending on your age and balance of other hormones – but I take it every single day, and stop two days before the end of my cycle, to mimic the body’s natural fall in progesterone pre period. It’s important to see an experienced practitioner who can work out what’s right for you.

I see Dr. Galy every six months just to reassess. And I have since done blood tests. But I am very sensitive to my body and if I feel really overweight and bloated then I’ll take an extra pump. When I want to start trying for a child, I will change my dose to support that. Interestingly having adequate progesterone is essential if you want to maintain a pregnancy.

Now i know, if i am feeling over emotional i check my calendar see if i am in the 'Red Zone' ( i call it this as if i don't take the cream my moods become red!) and just take an extra pump and i will feel better in the morning. It has changed my life. A friend of mine was close to going on anti-depressants from being depressed for months, i told her to check her hormones just for one last try before going on medication. She went on the cream and within a month she was back to her normal self. I only wish more women could know about this as it could be so life changing. 

By Natasha Corrett written by Laura Bond


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