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How to Heal PCOS Naturally


It’s estimated that one in every five women in the UK [1] suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). So, what foods should you eat – and cut out - to help your body heal? Read on… 

PCOS is usually diagnosed through a combination of blood tests and an ultrasound. The doctor will be looking for multiple (‘poly’) follicles (‘cysts’) under the scan. The main symptoms of PCOS are absent or irregular periods, acne, weight gain and excess facial hair.

Rather than being embarrassed by these symptoms – or masking them with antibiotics, or the hormonal contraceptive – get empowered, and use food as a tool for change.

Here are the top three switches to get on top of the condition:

Cut out sugar: Insulin resistance drives PCOS; and the biggest cause of insulin resistance is sugar. A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that increasing protein and cutting out sugar improved the condition of women with PCOS. [2]  To keep sugar cravings at bay, snack on alkaline almonds, or try avocado with vegetable crackers.

Swap Dairy for Almond Milk: Cow’s milk is loaded with oestrogen and PCOS is an oestrogen dominant condition. In modern dairy farms, cows are often pregnant all year round, resulting in 33% increased oestrogen! Skip the hormones and go for almond milk or oat milk instead.

A 2015 study found that a low dairy/low starch diet resulted in weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, and reduced testosterone in women with PCOS over 8 weeks. [3]

Chia Pudding or Eggs for Breakfast: Women with PCOS can benefit from eating foods rich in omega-3, according to a 2013 study [4], which found that eating healthy fats reduced testosterone and regulated menstrual cycles. Your might also consider taking a quality supplement (Read this article on Vegan Omega 3s). [5]

Final thoughts? Walnuts, as well as foods rich in zinc (lentils, chickpeas), have also been shown to help improve complexion and hormonal balance in women with PCOS. Stay tuned next month for an article on targeted supplements for PCOS!

Read the story here about how Honestly Healthy founder Natasha Corrett overcame PCOS through an alkaline diet.


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Sandie Brown:

I was never a big drinker and always hated the affects after just one glass of wine so I stopped drinking alcohol completely. I recently discovered Seedlip it’s a non-alcoholic calorie free gin-type drink full of wonderful botanicals I mix it with tonic water. It’s fresh and zingy and a great alternative to alcohol.

Feb 13, 2016

Una O'Donoghue:

Thanks for excellent advice, is there any such thing as clean alcohol or is it all bad for you. I don’t drink much but it’s nice to have a drink once in a while.

Feb 10, 2016

Louise @ Lou Loves:

Thanks for this – some great tips and something I’ve just started doing. Really trying hard to cut down anything that stimulates my insulin artificially, including sugar, alcohol and cows milk. It’s so hard! Any PCOS recommended recipes you can recommend? Thanks!

Feb 10, 2016


Great post! Also, eating just 2 Brazil nuts a day is great for PCOS sufferers as they contain all the selenium you need on a daily basis!

Feb 09, 2016

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