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Why Stress Makes You Fat

stress makes you fat

If you’re cutting back on carbs, going to spin class, saying no to sugary treats and still battling with belly fat... you might need to address your emotional health. Read on.


The most overlooked part of the weight loss puzzle is undoubtedly stress. We have been taught that changing our shape is simply a matter of calories in/calories out, but the truth is far more complicated. Gut bacteria, hormones and the type of food we eat all play a role in how we burn - and store - fat. As does stress.


The stress hormone cortisol stimulates appetite and leads to weight gain – especially fat around the middle. Why? From an evolutionary perspective this visceral fat provides easy access for important organs to function during a crisis. And when you have cortisol constantly streaming through your body – whether that’s from a phone that doesn’t stop ringing or a baby that doesn’t stop crying - you’re in chronic crisis mode.


Thankfully there are foods you can eat to counteract stress.

* Coriander:

This aromatic Asian herb has a calming effect, can improve your sleep

and has been shown to help relax your muscles [1]



Packed with vitamin C, lemons boost your immunity not only to colds and

flu but also to stress. In a 14-day trial, published in the journal

Psychopharmacology high doses of vitamin C were shown to lower individuals response to psychological stress [2]



Almonds are rich in the alkaline mineral magnesium – a key anxiety-

busting mineral. Have a handful with your morning latte as coffee depletes




Chewing on cashews boosts levels of L-Tryptophan, which converts to

the feel-good chemical serotonin in the body.

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