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Cacao VS Cocoa - Which is Better?

What is the healthiest chocolate to indulge in this Easter? If you are going to indulge make it raw chocolate.

With no ingredients heated beyond 42 degrees, all the nutrients in raw chocolate are left intact. This is chocolate in its most natural state. The rich flavour means you only need one or two squares and minimal sugar to make it delicious.

The health benefits of raw chocolate are abundant. It is arguably the number one food source of magnesium, a key alkaline mineral. So many of us are deficient in magnesium today thanks to stress (which depletes magnesium) as well as modern farming practices which have left our soils – and food supply- depleted of this key mineral.

So when you enjoy Raw Cacao Easter Eggs, you are giving your body a much needed magnesium boost and in turn helping your muscles relax by improving the flow of blood oxygen and nutrients around your body.

Cacao – unlike roasted cocoa beans – is also a rich source of zinc and chromium, which helps to keep our immune system strong and stabilize blood sugar. So unlike the sugar spikes – and crashes - you get from regular store-bought chocolate, cacao will give you a balanced feel-good boost. 

If you are nicer to your other half after eating chocolate there is a reason for that too; cacao contains a compound called phenylethylamine (PEA) otherwise known as ‘the love drug.’ It is the same chemical we produce when we fall head over heels for someone. Since phenylethylamine is heat sensitive you will not find it in conventional chocolate.

So where can you buy raw chocolate? At Honestly Healthy we are proud to stock LoveRaw’s Organic Cacao and Maca Bars - with chia seeds and dates for extra fibre - or you can make your own. Try Natasha’s recipe for Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs, which are free from dairy and refined sugar.

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