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How to Beat Anxiety

Do you ever suffer from panic attacks, insomnia or feelings of ‘overwhelm’?

You are not alone. From the early 1990s, to the early 2000s, generalized anxiety disorder tripled, and panic disorder doubled [1]

Anxiety expert and hypnotherapist Chloe Brotheridge, shares five ways to help you find calm [2]


Lena Dunham has posted on her Instagram that exercise has helped with her anxiety in ways she 'never dreamed possible [3] . Clinical Studies [4] show that exercise reduces anxiety and boosts self-esteem,  as well as producing feel good hormones. Even a 15-minute walk can have benefits according to AnxietyUK [5], so no excuses!

7,11 Breathing

This breathing exercise is like a short circuit for anxiety. Breathe in for a quick count of 7 and out for 11. The important aspect of this is to lengthen the out breath, since this is what we do naturally when we're relaxed.

Thoughts are not facts

Although we’re not in control of the thoughts that pop into our head, we are in control of how we respond to them. See negative thoughts – such as ‘I’m not good enough’ - as clouds in the sky. You don't need to chase after the cloud; just let it be blown by the wind and out of sight.


In our modern lives, we're often encouraged to think critically and spot mistakes. By writing down a list of five things you’re grateful for every day, it trains your brain to notice the positive things around you too.

Be your Own Best Friend

How are you speaking to yourself? From my clients, and the people I talk to about anxiety, self-criticism comes up again and again. You wouldn't tell your best mate what a 'stupid, useless idiot' she is, would you? Don't do it to yourself.

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[1] Skaer, Sclar and Robison 2008

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