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5 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Megan Fox claims it ‘cleans out your system,’ Miranda Kerr drizzles the alkaline vinegar on salads [1], and Heidi Klum is said to sip Apple Cider Vinegar to stay slim. We look at the modern research backing this ancient remedy:


Weight Loss

Taken on an empty stomach, 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) diluted in water, helps stimulate your stomach acid and aids in the digestion of food. But this home remedy goes beyond merely beating the bloat. In a Japanese study, obese volunteers were randomly split into three groups, given a 500ml drink daily, containing either 15 mL of ACV, 30 mL of ACV or no ACV. After 3 months, the scientists found that body weight, waist size, and visceral fat, were all significantly lower in the two vinegar groups than in the placebo group.


Keeps You Fuller Longer

Drink a tonic containing ACV after breakfast and consume 300 calories less over the rest of the day. That was the finding presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition at Kiawah Island, South Carolina, 22-25 September 2005 [2]


Helps Banish Candida

Apple Cider Vinegar is highly alkaline, and has long been used as a home remedy to treat Candida (click here to read more about Candida and what you can do to treat it).

Now, there is some scientific proof to suggest why it helps. In a 2011 study published in the Thi-Qar Medical Journal, researchers found that ACV was MORE effective than Fluconazole (one of the active ingredients in ‘Canesten [3]) when used against resistant strain of Candida albicans and Non-Candida albicans [4]


Balance Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetics who took two tablespoons of ACV with a small amount of food

(cheese) at bedtime saw a 4- to 6-% reduction in their blood glucose levels come morning [6], according to scientists from Arizona State University.


Note: Never Take ACV undiluted as it can burn your oesophagus, so always ensure you mix with water or salad dressing ingredients. Try Natasha’s Lemony Dressing using ACV on page 104 of Honestly Healthy, Eat With Your Body In Mind 

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