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Herbicides: The Low-Down

Is it Time to Buy Organic?

You might not have heard of the herbicide ‘glyphosate,’ but there’s a chance you have probably eaten it; the weed killer is found in a third of UK bread samples [1] and is the main ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide.

The World Health Organisation’s cancer agency, IARC, recently found that glyphosate was ‘probably carcinogenic to humans.’ This follows a string of other studies linking glyphosate to everything from infertility and obesity to Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diseases [2].

How Glyphosate Affects Your Gut

If you suffer from IBS, you might have assumed gluten was to blame, but glyphosate could be the culprit, according to detox expert Dr. Daniel Pompa:

‘Glyphosate is responsible for putting holes in our guts so denatured proteins can cross through the lining to our blood, acting as foreign proteins to which our immune system makes antibodies [3].’

One study suggests that glyphosate promotes the growth of deadly bacteria in the stomach, [4] while another shows that at just 0.1 parts per billion glyphosate destroys gut bacteria in chickens [5].

The good news? The herbicide may soon be banned in Europe. Last month the EU Commission was forced to postpone re-licensing of glyphosate until May. The decision came after a public petition was signed by 1.4 million people [6].

But the herbicide is only one of 80,000 new chemicals pumped into our environment since 1900, and many of these chemicals have never been tested for safety.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Buying organic and supporting your liver are two ways you can reduce your toxic load. Alkaline fruits and vegetables like lemon and beetroot as well as greens contain the compound sulforaphane [7] – found in kale, cabbage, broccoli sprouts, pak choi- and have been shown to support our detox pathways, helping usher out the bad stuff while flooding our body with nutrients, so load up on these – just make sure they’re organic!

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Normally I’m against killing but this article slheeaturgd my ignorance.

Jul 18, 2016

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