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Can These Foods Protect Against Alzheimer’s?

Twenty-six million people around the world suffer from Alzheimer’s, and by 2050, those numbers are set to quadruple, according to a 2006 study [1]. There is currently no treatment for the disease, however research is revealing there is a lot you can do to protect your brain, starting with food.



India has one of the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s in the world [2]; and turmeric is eaten at almost every meal. Studies now show that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can protein against the damaging effects of the β-amyloid proteins, which are elevated in Alzheimer’s patients [3]. Try Natasha’s Turmeric and Lemon Pancakes, or Turmeric Masala Curry and for an alternative way to take your turmeric, give Wunder Workshop's turmeric ranges including the most delicious Cacao Golden Mylk.


Edamame, Nori, Spinach and Avocado Tamaki

Try this brain-boosting recipe from Honestly Healthy Cleanse (pg 145). Nori is one of the few vegetarian foods containing active B12 [4], which is vital for neural health. Research from Oxford University reveals that B-vitamins stop the brain from shrinking, particularly in the area affected by Alzheimer’s. In the study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences patients were given a combination of vitamin B6 (20mg), B12 (500mcg) and folic acid (800mcg). This handy Tamaki has it all! The spinach provides folate (folic acid) while the edamame is rich in B6. Plus avocado is a well-known brain-booster. You Could Also Try Natasha’s Nori Sandwich.


Don’t Forget Coconut-Oil!

Bake with it, add it to smoothies, replace butter and spread it on toast, use it for stir-fries - you really can do anything with coconut oil! A study published in the journal Neurobiology of Ageing found that the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil almost immediately improved cognitive function in older adults with memory disorders.Try Natasha’s Coconut Oil and Summer Berry Porridge.  

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