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Best Slow Release Carbs

Not so long ago, fat was the nutritional bad guy, but in recent years carbs have been the whipping boy for weight gain. But choosing the right carbs can keep your brain ticking, appetite in check and your gut flora balanced – which can all contribute to regulating body weight. When you eat complex, slow release carbs rather than refined carbs - like white rice, cakes and pasta - you naturally lower your insulin levels, which helps prevent fat gain and slow release crabs are great for energy levels - so you can keep going all day! These foods are the best sources of slow release carbs to fill up on:



Buckwheat has been shown to lower insulin levels (known as the fat-storage hormone) thanks to a compound called D-chiro-inositol. Plus, studies show this gluten-free grain can aid weight loss since it can help you stay fuller for longer [1]. Tash's Raw Buckwheat Porridge is a quick and easy breakfast to keep you full, and the Buckwheat Pancakes are the best on weekends!


Sourdough Bread

The fermentation process makes sourdough easier to digest than conventional yeasted bread, and less likely to cause bloating. Plus, the lactic acid in sourdough slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream, avoiding spikes in blood-sugar levels.



A traditional food staple in Ethiopia, this gluten-free grain is growing in popularity. Not only is Teff rich in protein and fibre –both of which help us stay fuller for longer -but it is also high in calcium, iron and vitamin C. Try Natasha’s Sweet Potato and Teff Muffins for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Read more bout the benefits of teff here.


Sprouted Brown Rice

The process of sprouting a seed or grain unlocks vital nutrients like vitamin C while removing enzyme-inhibitors like phytic acid, making the grain or seed easier to digest. Plus sprouts and sprouted grains are some of the most alkaline foods on the planet.



Millet is not only fibre-rich, it also provides prebiotics to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut, which we now know plays a key role in our metabolism. Natasha’s Rainbow Millet Salad and Wild Mushroom Millet Risotto make delicious and satiating dinners.


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Liz Murphy:

Just noticed a typo in the 1st paragraph on the best slow release carbs page.

“which helps prevent fat gain and slow release crabs are great for energy levels”

Not sure Crabs are slow release, but very funny & made me laugh.

Great site,

Sep 27, 2016

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