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How Beans Keep You Lean

Your Mum’s minestrone, chilli, and creamy bean mash can all be considered weight-loss foods!

Bean on a Diet?

Beans are arguably the most nutrient-dense source of carbohydrates. Packed full of fibre, beans are digested slowly, which helps to stabilise blood sugar and promote fullness.Packed full of fibre, beans are digested slowly, which helps to stabilise blood sugar and promote fullness. In fact, the resistant starch and fibre in beans, actually helps to lower the glucose response to the other foods you eat them with!

So when you enjoy a bean burrito - or maybe a black bean brownie - you can be smug in the knowledge that the goodness in the beans is helping offset some of the blood-sugar spiking (and ultimately fat-storage) properties of the other ingredients. 

In a 2009 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, 35 obese men were randomly assigned to one of four diets, one of which was rich in beans. The group on the high-bean diet experienced substantial fat loss (more so than those on the ‘control diet’) as well as seeing their cholesterol and blood pressure lower over the eight-week period [1].

Chickpeas Cut Cravings

If craving simple carbs is your dietary downfall, then chickpeas could be the answer. In one study, 42 people had roughly 115 grams of chickpeas added to their daily diet. By the end of 12 weeks, participants were choosing to eat less food, especially snack foods made from flour products like chips and crackers [2]. In addition, digestive function improved dramatically in the chickpea group. No surprise, considering that chickpeas and beans promote healthy intestinal flora.


Try these Honestly Healthy beany recipes, to reap the rewards! 

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