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How to Find Balance

Some weeks you might work overtime, missing spin class and barely acknowledging your partner, other times social demands leave your routine in disarray. The solution?

Include these five rituals in your life for increased ‘flow,’ whatever the week throws at you.


Manage Your Mobile:        

We now check our mobiles every six and half minutes according to a global study commissioned by Nokia. This not only squanders time but also zaps your focus. So switch off notifications, and spend five minutes focusing on what you would like to achieve that day, before you turn on your device in the morning.


Get Outside:

Unplug from technology and connect with nature, even if it’s just a 10-15 minute walk in the park. A British Survey found that only 37 per cent of under thirty-fives feel connected to the natural world. Despite this, 76 per cent of respondents said that being out in nature was a great stress reducer.



The morning meeting ran till 12pm and your inbox is flooding. Take an honest look at your to-do-list and decide what is most urgent. Is taking time to book that pap smear more important than answering every email? Is making headway on a presentation more important than making a complicated meal that night? Re-examine your priorities, decide what needs to be done and shut out all else until tomorrow.



Whether it’s in the car, in the shower, or when you’re getting ready to go out Friday night. Researchers at the University of Manchester found that singing activates an inner ear organ responsible for registering pleasure.


Sweat and Socialise:         

Exercise and catching up with friends are so important for our wellbeing, however both are often sacrificed at the altar of work and family. The answer? Instead of meeting a friend for a drink, organise an early morning walk or after-work yoga session to catch up and bond whilst moving you bodies – win win!

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