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How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

You’ve been counting down the days until your summer break – and maybe cutting down on indulgences before your vacation. But the minute you hit the sun lounger, healthy eating goes out the window. Here’s how to stay glowing and enjoy the exciting new holiday dishes without the guilt:


At the Airport

It’s such a waste to fill up on empty calories at the airport, or worse, in the air. To avoid eating that semi-stale baguette, and save some holiday spending money, prepare a healthy meal and some snacks the day before. That might be a simple quinoa, avocado and protein salad, plus some fruit and raw chocolate orange balls.

Feeling hungry when you touch down? That’s a good thing, as research suggests you can reduce jet-lag by fasting [2]. A grumbling belly also means you’ll enjoy that first holiday meal all the more – whether it’s a slice of wood-fired pizza, or spicy local fish tacos with sour cream!

How to Stay Healthy When Flying


Stay Active

Walking around a famous food market doesn’t count; nor does a few lazy laps in the pool. Make sure you schedule time to really move your body and experience the beauty and wonder of your destination. Organise a bike tour, or go for a hike before you hit the breakfast buffet. It will wake up your body and is the best way to explore your new surroundings.


Explore Healthy Eateries

Before you fly, do your research and find healthy cafes and organic supermarkets you want to check out. Keep the balance! After a few days of rich food your stomach might be craving some crisp light goodness, plus it’s always fun to see how other countries ‘do’ healthy; you might return with a new-found penchant for tigernut milk or dragon-fruit smoothies.

Most importantly of all, make sure you RELAX and enjoy your break!

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