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Staying Balanced & Inspired in Our Information-Lead Culture



Print, online and social media are incredibly valuable troves of useful information, inspiration and motivation in the health and wellness industry and the community we have built in the industry is an empowering, uplifting one, that one I am very proud to be a part of.

However it can also become the ‘scroll of doom’ as I like to call it. If you get too caught up in what other people are doing and their results. I tweeted the above image recently as a concise way of highlighting areas where the lines between inspirational and plain confusing can occur, as I’m sure we’ve all been left flummoxed by some of the seemingly conflicting messages we women receive on a daily basis when it comes to body image, health and fitness, and self-love. But I think it’s a message worth expanding upon beyond the confines of 140 characters, as I posted as a way to encourage autonomy, rather than a direct accusation towards the media – after all, this is what the media is there for, to provide mass information!

Again, it all comes down to balance. So there may be a weight loss plan on one page, and a cake recipe on another but this is where we must find our autonomy, responsibly tune in to what’s right for us individually and decide what we need in that moment. It’s important to filter what’s relevant for YOU as an individual and know how to use it healthily, creatively, and to build ourselves up, not break ourselves down.

Flexibility and balance are major players in living a healthy, fulfilled life, which is why I encourage intuitive eating and feeling good through Honestly Healthy. So, we as individuals need to maintain our focus and not get caught up in what others, with different goals, are up to. This is where confusion, frustration, and unhealthy habits can be formed. I see more and more cases of people creating eating disorders for themselves because they become obsessed with being healthy. My motto has always been balance and moderation.

So, my takeaway message is to focus on yourself, use the wealth of information at your fingertips to find inspiration, not to be consumed by it to a point of taking what is written as gospel. Connect with this amazing community of support we have in the industry, and draw the information that’s right for you and your goals.

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