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The January 2017 Green and Lean 7 Day Challenge!

It's BACK!

Following the success of the first Green and Lean 7 Day Challenge in November we're back with the first Challenge of 2017 to get you well on your way to beginning THIS year right on track with your health and fitness goals!

We all start the New Year full of good intentions and plans for how this will be the year we'll finally transform our bodies and minds. Then the dreary winter weather knocks our motivation, our restrictive diet plan proves unsustainable and we get so bogged down in work that before we know it we've given up. Not this year!

Whether you're already on the 12 Week Plan, have already bought the 7 Day Starter Plan, or are a total Green and Lean newbie - we want YOU to follow along for the week!

Join us for the Green and Lean 7 Day Challenge from the 22nd-29th January and for just £4.99 you'll get:

  • A 7 day version of the 12 Week Green and Lean Food and Fitness Transformation Plan 
  • Daily emails to keep you motivated and accountable
  • Access to winning daily prizes from some of our favourite healthy brands to keep you incentivised 
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes written by Honestly Healthy's Natasha
  • 4 brand new video HIIT workouts with Green and Lean PT Tom Cheeseman
  • Online motivation and encouragement via the #greenandlean community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - follow the plan with thousands of other #greenandleaners
  • Excuse-busting Prep Night guidelines and follow-along video to get your meals ready for the week
  • Meal plans, shopping list, tips and tricks to make sure you reach your goals and are successful in your new lifestyle!

To join us and thousands of others from 22nd-29th January, just enter your email below to make sure you receive your daily motivation emails, offers & info on giveaways during Challenge week, and DOWNLOAD your 7 Day Plan HERE ready to start on Sunday 22nd! (If you're on the 12 Week Plan or Starter Plan sign up below for your extra daily motivation emails during the Challenge Week, no extra purchase required).



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