Wunder Workshop

I learned about health and nutrition from my mother, who has been in the health food industry for over 40 years. This knowledge and motivation has led me to start up my own business with my partner Tom. Having travelled with my mother to Sri Lanka to experience and learn more about Ayurveda, I learned about turmeric and its health benefits. The following year I went back to Sri Lanka to establish a partnership with the suppliers of our most crucial ingredient, Turmeric, and so begin our journey to starting WUNDER WORKSHOP.

However, when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in December 2014 I also began extensive research into the various complementary therapies. One of the topics that stood out was the scientific research on the role of essential oils and their use in the prevention and treatment of tumours. Having found the key ingredients I blended several different combinations and eventually found the perfect combination of potent, yet soothing ingredients for BOOBS' ESSENTIAL.