Pistachio Provenance

During a trip to Greece I discovered the most beautiful, fresh pistachios. I fell in love with their colour, freshness and full creamy flavour. So different from all those that I had tasted before.

Knowing where and how our food is grown has always been an important part of mine and my family’s healthy lifestyle. And so I embarked on a journey to find pistachios with provenance in Greece.

Finally in 2012 I met a small co-operative of pistachio producers who had formed only one year previously. I met the president in the local cafe in the small town square and we chatted freely. The following day we visited the orchards and met a few of the growers. They were farming sustainably, with commitment and dedication, constantly improving and shaping the agricultural landscape for today and future generations. I was thrilled to have found a small and thriving group of independent pistachio farmers.

Together we have formed a partnership and offer you pistachio quality and originality for your favourite pistachio snacking moments.