MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary

I started to take a real interest in skincare and wellbeing after having my first child. I’m a vegetarian and a bit of a hippy at heart.  Having grown up in the countryside, plants and nature have always  been important in my life, so learning about the health benefits of herbs and plantlore sparked my interest and will continue to inspire me forever.

My daughter suffered badly with eczema when she was young, and so my exploration into natural ingredients began. I began to take an interest in the magic of herbs for their therapeutic uses and also for their skin care and beauty properties. The humble yarrow is what’s termed a heal-all herb, with such a long list of healing properties, but it wasn’t readily available in many skincare products. Working along side a herbalist  the simple recipe of The Green Balm was born! 

We are a small team  which means that I get involved within most parts of the business, we’re all very multi-tasking. I am the visionary for the brand and creative force behind it all, this includes research into herbs for skincare and their folklore, starting the initial development for new product ideas, packaging sourcing, graphic design and marketing.

Striving to make wholesome skincare products which are both therapeutic, affordable and desirable often takes a long time to get right, so we take our time to achieve something really special.