How To Breathe Whilst You Train

Video by Kamran Bedi

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The benefits of breathing whilst exercising go far and wide, and the worst thing you can do in any exercise form is to hold your breath.


In Pilates and Yoga classes you will find that the guidance for breathing is usually taught as an important part of the practice. In Pilates, the action of the muscle, the repetition performed and the movement of the exercise is always performed on the exhale. It is the strong exerted exhale through the mouth as if blowing out candles that give you an automatic core firing with your deep core muscles. So you are effectively working your core as you breathe!


This can be transferred over into all training disciplines.

Whilst lifting weights, doing squats or burpees, try to move on the exhale and prepare or return to your neutral on your inhale. Breathing allows you to get more focus and be more mindful of the way that you exercise and the way that you move. It can encourage you to train sensibly and at a speed and rate that doesn’t put strain or pressure on your body that may cause injury if you choose to rush.


The quality of breathing allows your muscles to be fed the oxygen that you breathe in as well as freshly oxygenated blood pumping around your body to your organs.

This helps you feel energised and makes training your body enjoyable, as your whole body can benefit from conscious and controlled pills breathing. It’s also important to breathe whilst you stretch, as breathing into your stretches can allow you to safely increase your flexibility without injuring or straining your muscles.


Your training programmes can be made more enjoyable if you treat them like a meditation practice.

Exercising allows you to detach from the outside world, to relieve stress and tension in the body and by focussing on good quality breathing you will give your mind a deeper sense of relaxation and detachment, as you allow yourself to be more present in your mind and body whilst you train.

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