CJ Jones Leake

Before Pilates, I was juggling a fast-paced marketing career in the corporate world with raising two young children and striving for perfection in all areas. Working hard and exercising harder was my coping strategy for dealing with the daily stress and deadlines. Everything changed when I woke up to face the cumulative impact of a body that on the outside appeared strong and fit, but on the inside was stressed and imbalanced.

Confronted with the pain from the stresses I’d been placing on my body, I was forced to question how I was living my life and why I was so out of balance. That’s when I discovered Pilates. With dogged determination to realign my body and come back stronger, Pilates strengthened and rebalanced me. But more importantly, Pilates re-wrote my story.

I rebooted career direction, retrained as a Certified Stott Pilates instructor and founded Citizen Core. I train clients from my private studio in the Oxfordshire countryside, supporting them to lead a stronger more balanced life. I teach classes at hip and healthy Cotswolds’ studios. I’m building a loyal client-base in the Cotswolds and work with celebrities and athletes. I write about Pilates and also speak at brand and corporate events about the power of Pilates to transform employee health, wellbeing and postural habits.