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Good & Proper Tea

Good & Proper Tea
Hi, I'm Emilie. I am now, somehow, about to turn 30 and I'm the founder of Good & Proper Tea - a business I feel lucky enough to call my own. I live in South East London with my other half Tom, in a flat that's at last starting to feel like home!

I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm a tea drinker. Whilst I appreciate London's coffee culture is really exciting - I couldn't understand why tea had missed a trick so I wanted to give the good old cup of tea a bit of love and make it a Good and Proper one...finally! I am lucky enough to do something I love - we source teas from around the world from single - estates or farms and then we custom-brew them for our customers to bring out the best possible flavour. In short, we make what we hope are delicious cups of tea.

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