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Honestly Good Ltd

Honestly Good Ltd

I worked for 20 years in advertising and marketing until one day, I inherited my Grandpa’s olive grove in Greece. Shortly after, I visited the grove and memories started flooding back. I remembered how much I loved these trees and the big part they played in my family’s life. During that visit we were straight to work picking the olives and cold-pressing them in the middle of the night. I can’t tell you how good that first batch of oil tasted!

I brought some of the olive oil back to London; it was golden, fresh and had a great grassy and citrus aroma. It was so pure and raw you can actually taste the fruit. I compared it to the one I used to buy from the supermarket and it tasted old and tasteless.

So I thought how could we get people to try raw cold-pressed olive oil? How can we educate them about the health benefits and it's secret to a long healthy life? At that moment Honestly Good was created.

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