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Saveur Du Maroc

Saveur Du Maroc

We’re two sisters living together in London with a deep passion and respect for the culinary traditions of Morocco. We spent much of our childhood over there. It’s such a beautiful place and the biodiversity of the country is really reflected in the cuisine; the mixture of savoury and sweet, hot and cooling elements we think is entirely unique.

We sell a range of Moroccan fine food products. Our passion is to share the exquisite culinary treasures of Morocco with the world. They serve as ingredients, condiments and delights to the palate. We are overjoyed to have won the highest three star accolade for three products on our first entry to the Great Taste Awards 2015.

Where are products come from is as important to us as their great taste. Our products are entirely natural and we’re proud to work with women’s cooperatives and artisan partners in Morocco who work in harmony with the environment.

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