What Is Green & Lean?

  • Exclusive vegetarian recipes, all free from gluten, wheat and refined sugar
  • Weekly menus, all planned out for you to eliminate excuses
  • Fitness plans and workout videos that can be followed at home or in the gym
  • All workouts less than 40 minutes long, so fit easily into your busy life
  • Weekly shopping lists to make your life easy
  • Weekly step-by-step Sunday ‘Prep Night’ guide (takes just 75-90 minutes)
  • Simple recipes with easy-to-find ingredients from your local supermarket
  • Easy-to-follow recipes that take just 10-15 minute to prepare
  • Full e-support from the Honestly Healthy team (Mon-Friday) covering all nutrition and fitness questions and motivation

Once purchased you will receive an automated link to download your digital plan – then you can start your transformation journey as soon as you like!

What Can I Expect From The Plan?

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Renewed energy
  • Healthy lifestyle tools to teach you healthy habits for life
  • Clearer skin
  • Confidence in the kitchen
  • Self confidence!

Day 4 of the @greenandleanplan by @HonestlyHealthy and i’m 1kg down. This is nothing short of a miracle with my under-active thyroid. Easier han i expected and food is really tasty & satisfying. Loving @tomecheesemanfitness HIIT sessions too. Feeling the DOMS today.


Fit & healthy person

Prepping at the weekends makes everything so much easier through the week! Starting week 3 of @HonestlyHealthy #greenandlean and having a ready made shopping list and prep instruction sheet included in the plan makes menu planning and grocery shopping street free- us mums need all the help we can right? Especially when you have little moneys running about! #veggiesfordays #cleaneating #gettingorganised #designingmylife


Fit and healthy person