How To Have A Happy, Healthy Body

Video by Kamran Bedi

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts.


There are so many benefits that you can get for your mind and your body from working out.


You may not know all of them but knowing what’s on offer from this workout can help you feel happier about working out. For a lot of people, it can be a struggle to find the time, to fit in working out with work and kids. Working out can get pushed to the side. By having a clearer representation of the benefits you can feel more motivated to fit training into your schedule.  This workout also looks at building strength slowly and safely even though it reaches an intensity.


It highlights that you can have a happy, healthy body from working slowly yet intensely.


What do you enjoy about working out? What makes you feel happy about moving your body?


Let part of it, or all of it, be a celebration of what your body can do. Even if you’re not where you want to be with your body, muffin top or not, try to feel happy about your body no matter what your struggle. Simply celebrate what your body can do!

Even if you find this workout a challenge or anything on your Green and Lean Plan a difficulty, simply celebrate yourself for trying, your effort, your commitment and your journey.


Happiness is a mindset. The thoughts that you think will always influence the way that you feel within yourself, about yourself and about others. If you can look at what you’re doing and how you’re training in a positive way, then you can feel happy about your body.


In celebrating your body you can enjoy your workouts and realise that it’s ok to have off days. It’s ok to do the number of reps that you want and need so that you don’t make your body feel unhappy.


Give this workout a go, do what you can, celebrate your body, where you currently are and stay happy and healthy.

For more information on how to achieve a Happy Healthy Body, check out the Honestly Healthy Green & Lean Plan!

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