HIIT & Breath Workout at Home

Video by Adam Stansbury

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador Adam Stansbury. Check out his page for more posts.


All too often in life, we forget to do the simple things, and it’s those simple things done on a day to day basis that allow us to function optimally and to be fully present in whatever we’re doing.


With so much going on in our hectic and busy lives, it’s all too easy to forget to breathe, missing the simple effective things and overly focussing on the technical and complex, thinking that is where our attention should be.


The one thing we can always do when life is taking over, is to focus on our breath. It’s our life force and allows us to calm the conscious mind by focussing on the present.


Focussing on breathing in through your nose and out through your nose has been shown to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), creating a calming effect on your body and mind.


Today’s workout is going to use this breath work at the start and the end of the workout to ensure that you’re fully present and energised for the high intensity workout ahead and then using breath work to bring you back down, resetting your system at the end, so that you can go off and enjoy your day.


This 30 minute workout will be split into the following sections:


1. Breathe Work for Energising

2. Dynamic Warmup

3. HIIT Workout

4. Breathe Work for Resetting


Enjoy and don’t forget to BREATHE.

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