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So the time has come to release the front cover for my new book – Honestly Healthy Cleanse.   I can’t quite believe that this is the third of...
honestly healthy cleanse

So the time has come to release the front cover for my new book – Honestly Healthy Cleanse.


I can’t quite believe that this is the third of the Honestly Healthy cookbooks but I have had so much fun putting it together. I won’t lie, I think that my kitchen has been a bit of a heavenly place over the last 12 months – certainly for me. My fiance has never looked healthier!

The book will be on the bookshelves and on general sale in January but is available for order now on Amazon.

So to give you a bit of an idea of what to expect, my new book ‘Honestly Healthy Cleanse’ is comprised of four different cleanses:


The ‘Feel Good’ cleanse

This is a 3 day cleanse. I designed this with cosy weekends in mind – time out to truly look after yourself. Wrap yourself up warm and cleanse the body on nourishing homemade soups and smoothies. Take time out for you.


The ‘Slim Down’ cleanse

This is a 6 day cleanse to get you ready for that special event, be it a wedding, party or holiday. Think looking and feeling fantastic in that little black dress.


The ‘High Energy’ cleanse

Being an athlete or gym bunny does not mean filling your diet with animal protein and unhealthy protein powders. This cleanse is all about healthy plant-based energy foods to help you feel fit and fantastic.


The ‘Life Changing’ cleanse

This one does what it says on the tin. It is all about changing your life with nutritious, wholesome alkaline food. Follow this 30 day cleanse and we have no doubt that you will change your life.



Of course, an Honestly Healthy book would not be an Honestly Healthy book without some delicious sweet treats in there too.

I have included recipes for Raw Chocolate Brownies, Pear and Juniper Berry Tart and even Coconut Ice Cream. We all need a treat every now and then and a healthy treat can, by all means, be included on a thorough cleanse.

I am so touched to be able to include a quote from the amazing chef Marcus Wareing on the book:

Natasha is a bright and passionate new voice in the field of nutrition, inspiring us all to eat healthily and well.





I really think that this third book will act as the perfect follow up to my first two books. In the first book, you have an intro to the alkaline way, in the second book how to introduce the alkaline way into every walk of life and the third, tips to truly get your body back on track and to its optimum health once again. As always, I have included lots of information and guidelines at the beginning to help you through – larder lists, suggested supplements and all sorts.

Roll on January!!

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