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Ambassador Application and Requirements   After years of creating and building a trusted and well-established audience in the health industry, Natasha is excited to be opening up the Honestly...

Ambassador Application and Requirements


After years of creating and building a trusted and well-established audience in the health industry, Natasha is excited to be opening up the Honestly Healthy platform for you to be a part of!


The Honestly Healthy Ambassador Programme will be launching this year to provide you with a channel to the world of the wellness industry. We want to help the next generation of healthies and foodies to have a voice. Social media and the online health and fitness world has quickly become saturated and we want to create a trusted community of like-minded professionals to develop an authoritative voice giving information, inspiration, support, and trust.


We are therefore looking for thirty passionate Honestly Healthy Ambassadors to share their knowledge and expertise in the form of monthly contributions across the Honestly Healthy channels. We will teach you how to create strong content, learn skills for running your own business in the wellness industry, and support your growth through all of our online platforms. It is integral to us that our platform stays authentic and honest so the Ambassadors we pick will need to be qualified in their field and have huge amounts of love for the industry and responsibility for their place within it.


This is what we will do for you:

  • Provide a platform to showcase/talk about your passion and what you do
  • Provide you with your own profile page on honestlyhealthyfood.com with links to your website/blog/social accounts
  • Hold free, quarterly workshops to teach you how to better your content, social media skills and business with some of the top people in the industry
  • Give you the chance to make money through sponsored content with our brand partners
  • Promote you through our social media pages and database.


What we require from you:

  • One piece of high quality, original content per month according to our monthly brief (video or written)
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Punctuality


We are looking for:

Chefs / Nutritional Therapists / Dietitians / Doctors / Personal Trainers / Yoga Instructors/ Pilates Teachers / Meditation Teachers / Holistic Practitioners / Naturopaths

Want to be an Honestly Healthy Ambassador?

Check you fall into one or more of the following categories and fulfill the requirements listed below and can adhere to our required submissions for application:


Foodies (includes chefs, food stylists, home economists etc.) must have:

  • Experience developing recipes
  • Experience photographing food
  • Experience styling food
  • Written your own recipes
  • Good writing and editing skills
  • Means of testing each recipe at least three times
  • Your own professional camera to take photos of your creations (EOS Canon or similar)


To apply you must submit:

  1. Ten images of your own recipes that you have previously posted
  2. Your social media handles/website
  3. Five of your best ‘Honestly Healthy approved’ recipes (Please see our ethos here)
  4. Foodie CV
  5. Headshot and biography


Nutritionists (includes Nutritional Therapists, Dietitians, Naturopaths, Doctors etc.) must have:

  • BANT ION qualification as a Nutritional Therapist, have a degree in Nutritional Therapy, Dietetics, or be a qualified doctor
  • Good writing and editing skills
  • Belief in the importance of good nutrition and balance


To apply you must submit:

  1. Qualification certificates
  2. Five pieces of relevant content; articles and/or videos
  3. Nutrition CV
  4. Social media handle/website
  5. Headshot and biography


Fitties (includes Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Teachers, Meditation Teachers) must have:

  • A recognised qualification in your field and been teaching/taking clients for a minimum of one year
  • Charisma and confidence on camera and be able to ‘teach’ a class to camera
  • Your own professional camera to take photos and videos (EOS Canon or similar)


To apply you must submit:

  1. Qualification certificates (all levels)
  2. Five pieces of content: these can be articles and/or videos (at least one video)
  3. Fitness CV
  4. Social handle/website
  5. Headshot and biography


Additional requirements and information:

  1. A brief will be sent to you on the last Friday of each month. You will need to submit your content ideas within 48 hours of receiving this.
  2. You will then have two weeks to submit your edited content.
  3. Three late submissions will result in you being asked to leave the Ambassador Programme.
  4. Imagery and videos must be provided in high-resolution quality
  5. Any workout or recipe videos must have written content/description/method attached.
  6. Articles must be a minimum of 300-400 words long.
  7. Any claims must be supported with direct links to accredited research.
  8. Recipes must be tested a minimum of three times to ensure they work.
  9. You need to commit to a minimum of six months work as an Ambassador
  10. You absolutely must be full of ideas and have lots and lots of passion!


First deadline dates:

Entries open: Sunday 15th January

Deadline for entries to the programme: Sunday 22nd January midnight

Notice of acceptance to the programme: 27th January 5 pm

First Brief to be sent: 27th January 5 pm

Brief ideas to be submitted: Sunday 29th January Midnight

Latest feedback to be given to Ambassador: 10th February 5 pm

The first piece of content to be sent: 24th February

EMAIL: office@honestlyhealthyfood.com with all relevant information as above

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