Katie Smith

Hi, I’m Katie, my nickname is Starlet. This little name was given to me when I sung in a band many moons ago. It stayed and I like it.

How things change…. Now, a little bit about how I arrived to where I am today: as a Yogi,

I was always drawn to yoga. I would say it was my calling yet only when I surrendered and got clean and sober did my relationship begin truthfully. It was my invitation to search deeper and scan my body in a clear state to start building foundations to a true partnership with myself. Yoga has shown me how to carry myself mentally as well as physically, finding patience and learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, to practice, not for perfection. I now have two incredible daughters who have taught me a lot about my practice off the mat and to allow flexibility in my thinking, which encourages a more balanced life.

I have been practising yoga now for seven years and teaching for three. I have created a project to slow yoga down and combine the practice of White Light Healing. It’s all about convenient expression in this fast-paced world we live in.

Coming together with Honestly Heathy is an honour. I am very excited to share my practice and beliefs in being true to yourself through movement and creating space and healing with all of you through breath.