Marian Hearne

Eating nutritious and tasty food is, first and foremost, one of my greatest pleasures, and is one of the most important parts of my day, especially when it’s spent with my darling hubby and friends.

My journey into health and nutrition began at a young age when I decided there was more to eating than the diet of packaged milk, spuds and processed foods upon which I was brought up. I promised myself that once I had the finances to buy my own food it would be the best I could afford.

During my twenties, I had a chronic illness which resulted in a kidney transplant. That event and subsequent journey cemented my beliefs even more. A few years later a few food intolerances became apparent and were later confirmed. I am not easily waivered in my view that (not-withstanding legitimate medical interventions) food is medicine. For that reason, I eat the healthiest and most nutritious food I can afford. I indulge in treats for about 20-30% of the time, as life is too short not to!

I’ve since become a passionate health nut and lover of delicious tasting food. To that end, I became a qualified Nutritional Therapist in July 2016. I am looking forward to applying this nutritional knowledge to the culinary creative side of my life. During this time, my hubby and I set up HerbiCarni, project, venture and website. It focuses on healthy eating, whether you’re a total herbivore or carnivore.

The kitchen, where most of the activity is based, is located in the scenic seaside village of Tramore in Co Waterford, Ireland. I savour walks along the beach, breathing the salty cool air whilst looking forward to arriving home to cook a delicious meal with the family, with a glass of red wine in hand!