We love to cook, we are always looking to create new exciting twists, flavours and add-ons.  Our recipes are super healthy and based on Alkaline food principles.  All of our recipes are Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Cow's dairy free but that doesn't mean they are not tasty. Don’t believe us?  try our chocolate cookies

Our passion for cooking is not the only reason we exist, we want to make a change and protect our environment.  We are on a mission to help cut down on our food wastage and reduce the negative impact current farming methods has on our health and environment.

We have created this platform to help cut through the marketing noise and help give you the tools and expert advice to start improving your health and take the first steps to leading an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Our commitment to you:

Food labels

We understand it is hard to read in-between the lines of food labels.  It is our aim to help guide you with sound advice from trusted sources to showcase only the very best organic products using fresh ingredients

Food wastage 

Like you we just hate waste, but by cooking from scratch you are left with some delicious and nutritious leftovers.  We make a commitment to you that we will share our really simple to follow recipes incorporating easy to find ingredients so you won’t be buying and then throwing away packaged food that is past its sell by date. 

Processed foods

We think processed food is the devil, it is often made up from hollow food that has no nutritional value, hence why you often still feel hungry.  Our aim is to help you gain the skills and tools to fall in love with cooking and release your inner chef by using only the best ingredients.

Super tasty 

All our recipes will be taste tested to death! We wont share anything with you unless we are sure it will start a party with your tastebuds like it does ours.


We can make a promise to you that all our articles are from trusted professionals, sources and sponsorship free.