Frequently Asked Questions - Please have a look to see if the answer to your question is here! 

General Queries

  1. Do you ship worldwide?
 Yes - we can ship everything worldwide except Rana’s Bakery Bread Mixes, which are only available in Europe.
  1. I have a question about my personal nutrition.
 We have 2 qualified nutritionists that are available for Skype consultations through our website – the link is here:
 Have a read of their profiles and you can decide which one would better suit your needs. Once you have purchased the consultation that you’d like, we can put you in touch with the Nutritionist in order to arrange your appointment.
      3. I am looking for a healthy cooking class – do you have any events on soon? How do I get tickets to the supper club/events?
 We have an events page on the website here:
 Tickets are available to purchase through the website and the link will be on the events page.
  1. Can I have healthy meals delivered to my office/home?
 We have just started our sister company Chop Healthy, which will deliver all the ingredients to your home so that you can create delicious and healthy meals every night! For enquiries please head to the website here:
We also have a option to order an Honestly Healthy Balance Box – for enquiries, please contact them directly at
  1. I have the app but it’s not working – when will it be working again?
We are currently working on making our app even better for all of you so we’ve have to remove it for now, we’re really sorry but it will be available soon, better than ever!
  1. I haven’t received my order – where is it?
Any order within the UK should arrive within 7 working days. If it has been that long and you still haven’t received it then please email and include your name and order number.
  1. Why have I only received part of my order?
All of the products that we sell on the Market Place come from all over the UK from our amazing independent traders! Because of this, your products may arrive separately and that may result in some products arriving before others – please be patient! And if it’s been more than 7 working days then please email
  1. We want to be on your Marketplace
Great! Please email with some details of your products and we can see if you’d be a good fit for Honestly Healthy!
  1. We want to work with you!
We want to work with you too! Please email with what you had in mind for an event/collaboration and we can get started!
Green and Lean FAQs

1. I am keen to sign up to the Green and Lean plan as it looks great. However, I am intolerant to gluten and dairy so wanted to double check if it would be suitable for me before signing up.

 The plan follows the Honestly Healthy principles and is free of wheat, gluten, refined sugar and cow’s dairy – this does mean that there may be some sheep/goats cheese in the plan but never dairy from cows.

 2. What snacks can I have on the plan?

 The snacks that are allowed in the plan are laid out in the overview of each week. The dip recipe that is given to you each week should be made during prep night on a Sunday, and this can be had throughout the week with rice cakes or oat cakes. We also suggest having eggs or avocado cut up on a rice or oat cake if you’re hungry between meals. On exercise days for the extra protein that you’ll need, we include a protein drink in the afternoons, which is the vegan protein powder of your choice mixed with some nut/rice milk or water, to keep you going in the afternoon. This drink is not the same as the protein smoothie that you’d have in the morning on non-exercise days.

3. Why do you need my photos/weight at the end of month 1?

We ask for your photos and weight in order to track your progress. We never share your information or photos with anyone – we may share the amount of weight lost but never the actual weights, and only with your permission which we will always ask for first. Your weight is needed in order to adjust the protein levels in your plan – it is the best way for us to track your progress and make sure that we can help you to get the best results that you can.

4. Can I do Green and Lean if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes of course – it is all done online and everything is sent via email, so anyone in the world can sign up.