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MY New Book Honestly Healthy in a Hurry

Check out how to make my Tagine and Cauli couscous recipe!

Honestly Healthy in a Hurry is more than a normal cookbook it is a new way of cooking for busy people. Learn these simple methods and you can use them to follow any single recipe to save you time and money. By learning to ditch processed and sugar-dense food you will massively improve your healthy and energy.

Download my 7 tips to being healthy in a hurry for free with an exclusive recipe from the new book!

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Did you know...

  • Brits spend a third of their total food budget on fast food, splurging around £110 a month on convenience meals?
  • 1 in 4 Brits blame their own laziness and 13% say they 'do not have time' to cook from scratch?
  • UK households throw away £19billion worth of food a year!

So its time to get your prep on! #HHHurry

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