Pamela Ryan

I am passionate about health and nutrition but am also a bit of a Hedonist. In my ‘struggle’ to balance the two, I eventually embraced them both and in the Summer of 2016, I established ‘The Healthonist’.

As a qualified nutritionist and yoga teacher I deliver workplace wellness and nutrition seminars and teach yoga workshops to company employees. My hedonistic nature means I love food – buying it, eating it, cooking it, photographing it and feeding it to friends and family! I am influenced strongly by my two late grandmothers, both talented cooks, and my childhood weekends spent playing in the farmyard where my grandparents lived I’m passionate about using seasonal, locally-produced whole food, and I spend every Sunday morning at my local farmer’s market in south Dublin, Ireland.

My approach to eating is heavily influenced by the traditions of home and what I have learnt through my ongoing study of yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition. Lately, I’ve have been creating recipes and writing blogs for a leading Canadian pharmacy and a leading pharmacy in Ireland, and am working on a series of health-focused nutrition programmes which will be available on my website later this year. When not in the kitchen or on the yoga mat, I can be found hiking in the great outdoors with my friends.