Pilates Moves To Kick Butt

Article by CJ Leake

A wonderful blog post by our fitness ambassador CJ Leake. Check out her page for more posts.


Your backside should be doing so much more for you than helping you to look good from behind. Strong glutes are essential for virtually every activity that involves movement of the pelvis. Whether it’s easy peasy movement like walking across the kitchen, to explosive moves like running and burpees. Many of us fall into the trap of assuming that just because we are hitting it hard or doing lots of cardio that our glutes must be strong by default. Wrong. The muscles that comprise the glutes are commonly left out of strength training programmes.


Our body works as a whole and when areas are inefficient the body adapts to make movement happen anyway. Other muscles step forward to assist causing faulty movement patterns. If your glutes are weak, often the hamstrings (back of your thigh) and low back are forced to do more work to create the same movement. The more they do this, the lazier our glutes become. Hey presto. A vicious circle emerges of the wrong muscles performing the task and eventually pain and injury strikes.


Lazy glutes creating hip instability is the common thread of so many people’s lower back pain problems. Good news. You can keep injury from darkening your door by incorporating smart glute-strength moves into your health life. Pilates builds your booty like nothing else and the reasons to care about it are nothing to do with looking good in leggings (although it’s an extra upside). Target the muscles your other workouts are neglecting with this performance-boosting, injury-preventing Pilates workout to get your glutes firing on all cylinders.


Join me for an easy-to-follow, no-equipment required, do-anywhere Pilates workout that kicks butt!

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