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1 HOUR Skype Consultation with qualified Nutritional Therapist | Ewura-Ama

1 HOUR Skype Consultation with qualified Nutritional Therapist | Ewura-Ama


Do you have lots of questions on your personal nutrition? We have taken on Ewura-Ama a certified nutritionist to give you an introduction to nutrition and answer any questions you might have. 

What to expect: 

  • In depth questionnaire and food diary to fill in prior to the consultation
  • 1 hour in depth consultation held over Skype that you will organise a time suitable for you directly with the nutritional therapist
  • Follow up notes and suggestions from the nutritional therapist

Ewura-Ama's approach to Nutrition

My approach to Nutrition and healthy living is about balance, moderation and most of all enjoyment. I feel that when we love what we are doing (and eating) it’s easier to comply; allowing us to create lasting habits. So rather than promoting quick fixes or crash diets that in the long term leave us functioning sub-optimally, my emphasis is on helping you to understand your body, how to feed and take care of it with proper Nutrition and food choices.

I hold to the importance of good gut health. Optimising digestion to assimilate and absorb nutrients is key to enhancing overall energy, vibrance and mental clarity.

I also understand that we are all different and unique so following the same dietary plan is not always sufficient. My work focuses on drawing up person-specific dietary and lifestyle plans that suit your needs and goals; allowing you to tune into what is best for your body.

For many of us, it’s also that extra bit of motivation or encouragement that is needed to carry out a goal. I work with you to provide the support and enthusiasm needed to make small and realistic changes that build up over time. It’s about longevity, pleasure, realism; making it easier to become a lifestyle - your lifestyle. 

Areas of Interest: Gut Health and Digestion, Food Intolerances and Skin Health.



  • Dip CNM - Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy
  • RSPH Award (Royal Society for Public Health)
  • Healthier Food and Special Diets; Food and Nutrition Education Community Skills Training London Metropolitan University 

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