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Jax Coco Organic EVCCO Snaps

Jax Coco Organic EVCCO Snaps


Jax Coco Snaps are easy to use: simply knead, snap and squeeze!

Jax Coco Snaps contain one of the purest extra virgin coconut oils in the world, made using a state of the art oil centrifugal system and is produced in less than two hours after the coconut has been de-husked. Using cutting-edged, triple pass centrifuge process, distinct from cold-pressed production methods: unprocessed coconut milk is spun multiple times to extract pure, raw, no peroxide, chloesterol or trans-fat, this heart friendly oil can help keep your body running in all ways.

Add our snaps to smoothies, your morning coffee, afternoon tea or spread on toast instead of butter for a natural source of energy.

24 Snaps x 3.5ml

Weight – 1.925 grams
Allergy – N/A
Storage – Ambient

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