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Mybaba Children's Multivitamin

MyBaba Children's Multivitamin Powder



A clever combination of important vitamins, minerals and friendly microflora specifically formulated for children aged 12 months to 12 years. Take once a day, mixed with water, milk or juice or sprinkled onto yogurt or cereal.

Contains 100% or more of the RDA of 14 essential vitamins along with a high level of friendly microflora. Along with Vitamin D, which is also needed for the normal development of children’s bones and teeth, it also contains Iron to help with their normal cognitive development, and Vitamins C and A plus Zinc and Selenium to help support their immune system. There’s a clever combination of B vitamins too, including B1, B2 and Pantothenic Acid to help with the release of energy from foods.

Directions For Use
To be taken as a daily nutritional supplement. 2 grams per day (2 heaped scoops – scoop provided) to be taken once a day mixed with water, milk or juice and alongside food, or sprinkle onto yogurt or cereal.

Do not exceed recommended intake. Food supplements must not replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients do not contain artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or yeast. Non-GM. 



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