Pesto Roasted Sweet Potato & Courgettes


“This is a really is super quick and easy to make. If you haven’t got cashews to hand you could use pine nuts, walnuts or almonds for a variation in flavour.”


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Cooks In30 minutes


270g sweet potato
2 courgettes
150g cashews
1/3 cup water
40g parsley
15g fresh oregano
¼ tsp olive oil oil
1 clove garlic grated
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
20g chopped parsley


  • Preheat oven to 180deg.
  • Peal the sweet potato and chop into chunks about 3 cm sq.
  • Chop the courgette into diagonal 2cm wide slices. Cover the sweet potato with 1 tbsp sunflower oil into the oven for 25 minutes and then add the courgette in for another 20 minutes.
  • In the mean time make the pesto by soaking the cashews in the water for 30 minutes.
  • Then blend with the remaining water, parsley, oregano, olive oil, salt, grated garlic and nutritional yeast. Blend until a textured consistency. Then chop through the remaining 20g parsley.
  • Take the veg out of the oven and mix the pesto all over the vegetables and serve with a fresh salad or use as a perfect side dish.
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