Smart Spine, Stable Core – Avoid Back Pain & Injuries

Video by Sophia Butler Cowdry

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Spinal health and core stability are fundamental to the good functioning and movement patterns of the entire body.


My ‘Smart Spine, Stable Core’ class provides a series of simple, yet highly effective, exercises and yoga postures that take the spine through all its six directions of movement, including flexion and extension (bending forwards and back), rotations (twisting the spine), and lateral flexion (bending to the sides).


Keeping the spine healthy through all its possible movement directions is absolutely necessary to help avoid back pain and prevent injuries that may arise from daily activities. Exercises that focus on the upper body are also excellent to release and balance out the skeleton and muscles from the tension that builds up from seated, desk-based work. Adequate back strength is not only necessary to protect the spine but vital for pain-free good posture.


Integral to keeping the spine healthy is a strong and stable core, as it not only protects the spine but allows us to move our limbs more efficiently. The core consists of several muscle groups that act like a corset around the entire lower part of the torso – front, sides and back. I have therefore included smart ways to activate these deep abdominals, as well as strengthen the entire upper back. These exercises together will help improve stability in the pelvic area and strengthen the entire back-body (legs, glutes and back).


Following my ‘Smart Spine, Stable Core’ sequence on a regular basis will help support you while you are following the Honestly Healthy Green and Lean Plan, and in daily life.

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