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Video by CJ Jones Leake

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador CJ Jones Leake. Check out his page for more posts.


We all have imbalances in our body for one reason or another. While our gym workouts tend to hit both sides evenly, when we go about our daily life, we unconsciously use our dominant side more than our weak side. It’s as simple as always sitting in the same position at your desk, carrying your baby on the same hip, wearing your cross-body bag on the same shoulder everyday or always starting with the same leg when you step onto the stairs.


When we’re exercising, our stronger side does the majority of the work and we don’t even know it. So our stronger side gets stronger and our weaker side gets weaker. Paving the way for postural imbalances, injury and pain to strike.


“Above all, learn to breathe correctly” Joseph Pilates


For something so damn vital, we really don’t give enough ‘air time’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) to our breathing. Learning to breathe correctly helps us to notice imbalances we can improve and correct them. Your Pilates breath ensures that enough oxygen is flowing to all the muscles you are using and encourages focus and concentration. Moving more mindfully, you soon start to become aware of the differences between both sides of the body. The three-dimensional Pilates breath pattern engages your deepest abdominal muscles to stabilise both sides of your torso.


Join me for my short-on-time-big-on-impact Pilates mat workout. We’ll learn to breathe correctly, working one side of the body at a time through single-sided exercises to help spot imbalances, build strength and use our breath to restore symmetry. Inhale. Exhale.

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