Top 3 Foods To Help You Relax On Holiday

Article by Lynn Hickinbottom

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Going on holiday? Top 3 foods to help you relax 


Preparing for your summer holiday can be fraught, especially if you have a baby, kids or work calls you still need to take. Your suitcases are on the bed and you’re feeling a bit frazzled? It can be difficult to relax but nutrition is your quick route to get some zen. Have these top 3 nutrients on hand to get you back on track.


Maca powder for smoothies and lattes


Maca is a root native to South America and it’s inexpensive and readily available as a powder. It’s an adaptogenic herb that enhances your body’s own natural resistance to stress.[1] This helps to relax you. It’s full of B vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants all essential for calming your nerves. It’s also amazing for hormone balancing and keeping PMS in control.[2]

You can put a teaspoon of maca powder in your smoothie, or make a latte with a teaspoon of maca and turmeric with some almond milk. Maca is naturally sweet and tastes delicious. It’s great also for increasing energy and keeping you focused.

The Honestly Healthy Alkaline Superboost powder contains maca and is perfect for your daily dose. It’s really easy to take with you on holiday too.


Almonds and pumpkin seeds


Nuts and seeds are full of magnesium that relax your muscles and brain. You need magnesium to help your B vitamins do their job and produce serotonin (your happy and relaxed neurotransmitter). Almonds and pumpkin seeds are also great because they have good levels of an amino acid called tryptophan. This also helps to produce serotonin (most of the serotonin is actually made in your gut). You can eat almonds and pumpkin seeds in snack pots, blend them into nut butter, put them in smoothies or make granola with them. For portion control, you can assume that having 3 tablespoons of almonds and pumpkin seeds collectively a day is healthy.[3]


Organic black and green tea


Black and green tea is rich in l-theanine, an amino acid that increases alpha-waves in the brain.[4] This has an immediate calming effect and is the reason why so many people love their ‘cuppa’. You’ll want to watch your caffeine intake but studies show that decaffeinated tea has just as much l-theanine. Green tea, in particular, matcha tea (where you drink the whole powdered leaf rather than just brew it) also has impressive amounts of l-theanine. It has astonishing levels of antioxidants as well that bring other benefits. The antioxidant EGCG improves cognitive function, fights cancer cell growth and helps with weight loss.[5]  So having 1-2 cups a day of matcha or green tea is a great way to relax whilst packing for your holiday and enjoy it’s other health benefits. A small packet of matcha is really easy to pack too.


These simple but powerful nutrients can make such a difference when you need it most. Switch your work phone off, get your kids and suitcases in the car, and relax! 


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