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Video by Adam Stansbury

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What if you could train at home for mobility, strength and fitness whilst getting lean?

In this day and age, our time is precious. We have families, jobs and other responsibilities that make it harder for us to travel to the gym and spend more time away from the home. Many people have office based jobs that force the body into a static position all day, which is not good for mobility and flexibility.


Well you can, if you train SMART


Training SMART for me means training efficiently by getting the maximum output for the minimal input. The law of diminishing returns states that there is a point where more effort and time does not necessarily equate to greater results. More does not equal more.


How do we achieve this?

We train SMART, fast, effective and intense for a short period of time. Selecting exercises that give you the best “bang for your buck” is essential.


In this video, I show you how to train SMART at home with a 30 Minute Bodyweight Workout designed to be fun, improve mobility, fitness and metabolic rate, at home at any time

The workout begins with some mobilisation and activation drills before we get into a 10-minute Animal Flow component. Animal Flow is a movement practise that is a blend of Yoga, Capoeira, and Parkour.

It is predominantly based on all fours mimicking quadruped animal movements. It will really help to increase mobility through your muscles and joints whilst being fun and engaging.

The second main component is an HIIT Circuit using a blend of upper, lower and core bodyweight exercises, working at a ratio of 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off continuously for three rounds. This component will increase your fitness, strength and metabolic rate that will help with body composition improvements, whilst on the Honestly Healthy Green and Lean Plan.


The workout will be split into the following four sections:

  1. Dynamic Warmup

  2. Animal Flow Mobility

  3. HIIT Circuit

  4. Stretching


Enjoy the workout!

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