• abs
    Abs & Ass On The Go
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador CJ Jones Leake. Check out his page for more posts. Everything you need for abs & ass on the go!   The question of whether to exercise on holiday often divides us into two camps. Holidays are an opportunity to press pause and suspend our ...
  • Posture
    How To Beat Bad Desk Posture
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Sophia Butler-Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts.   Good posture is absolutely essential to a happy and healthy body. Watch the video and find some tips below, on how to beat bad desk posture.   Not only does good posture look bet...
  • baby
    The Baby Blogs - The Birth
    My due date came and went like a mid-summers breeze! Didn’t matter how much walking up and down the stairs, acupuncture, reflexology and bouncing on a ball I did… this baby didn’t want to come out!     On Saturday we were having pizzas in the garden a week after my due date and an odd thing h...
  • vitamin-d-can-help-mood
    Vitamin D: How It Can Help With Your Mood
    A wonderful article by our Nutrition Ambassador, Jenna Hope. Check out her page for more posts.   How can Vitamin D help with your Mood - Should Vitamin D be called the Happy Vitamin?   Over the past year awareness of vitamin D has risen as a result of the dietary reference value i...
  • Baby Blogs
    The Baby Blogs - Month 9
    Baby Blogs 9   It’s the last push and this month I have really come to the conclusion that growing a little human is hard work. You tend to just see pregnant women and think it’s a piece of cake but this last month is trying. Feeling like a sluggish hippo wading in the mud is not all it's c...
  • Pilates moves kick butt
    More Pilates Moves To Kick Butt
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, CJ Jones Leake. Check out her page for more posts.   More Pilates moves to kick butt because we know you loved the first workout!   Your backside should be doing so much more for you than helping you to look good from behind. Strong glut...
  • the therapy tea of tea to maximise your alone time
    The Therapy Of Tea - Maximise Your Alone Time!
    A wonderful article by our Nutrition Ambassador, Hannah Patterson. Check out her page for more posts.   Tea, glorious tea. There is always an occasion to put the kettle on.   When the occasion is to chill and have some alone time, why not treat yourself to something really special fo...
  • playful-vinyasa-yoga
    Playful Vinyasa Sequence
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Sophia Butler-Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts. A deep sense of relaxation comes from within, not from without.   Happiness itself is the difference between expectation and reality and is often short-lived as a consequence. Contentmen...
  • workout-wind-down
    Workout And Wind Down
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts. Relaxation is so important in today’s day and age especially with the speed that we move around at; working, kids, families, we have so much going on. Our bodies can really feel the pressure from life and ...
  • balanced-training-movement-workout
    Balanced Training & Movement Workout
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador Adam Stansbury. Check out his page for more posts.   Balance has become the buzz word in the health and wellbeing industry over the last few years and for good reason.     Many of today's habits and obsessions can all too easily a...
  • flexible find balance
    Be Flexible To Find Balance
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Katie Smith. Check out her page for more posts.   Finding your balance - is all about being flexible and reaching a happy medium and the choices that you have, to allow yourself to have that flexibility that day.   You are the King of yo...
  • 5-tips-balancing-blood-sugar
    5 Tips For Balancing Blood Sugar
    A wonderful article by our Nutrition Ambassador, Hannah Patterson. Check out her page for more posts.   What most of us strive for is sustained energy, rather than a short burst, to keep us on the ball and motivated for longer. Here are some top foodie tips for making sure you have more ...
  • balancing-vinyasa-yoga-sequence
    Balancing Vinyasa Yoga Sequence
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Sophia Butler-Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts.   My 'Balancing Vinyasa Yoga' sequence starts in a standing meditation.   Taking a few minutes to settle into the foundations of the body, the toes and feet, and really paying attent...
  • balance barre pilates workout
    Balance Barre Pilates Workout
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, CJ Jones Leake. Check out her page for more posts.   Balance. It’s one of the most overused words we hear in the health world.   It seems like everybody’s seeking it. But how many of us are actually doing something about it. Like becomin...
  • body balance sculpt
    Body Balance Sculpt
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts. Balance is so important in exercise and physical health. There are so many different ways and reasons to incorporate balance into your workouts.   Pilates is great for balance as it helps you to ...
  • Young
    Young At Heart
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Katie Smith. Check out her page for more posts. Heavy hearted to light-hearted…. Young At Heart.   I have created a 15-minute sequence creating heat within the body to dig deep, unroot, untangle and detangle - walking off the mat feeling restored,...
  • Youth Boosting Core Challenge
    Youth Boosting Core Challenge
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador CJ Jones Leake. Check out his page for more posts.   Now here’s a thought. Today is the youngest we’ll ever be again.   But too often our bodies are making us feel like the oldest we’ve ever been, stopping us from appreciating our youthf...
  • Back-Flow-HiiT-Training
    Back Flow And HIIT Training
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts.   How your body feels will always determine how you work out and the results that you achieve.   Each day your body will feel different. Some days you may feel you have tonnes of energy and ...
  • Body Young Workout
    Body Young Workout
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador Sophia Butler-Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts. The muscles and joints in the body need to be kept strong and supple at the same time, particularly as we age.   They are the body’s support system for the skeleton. The denser the muscle...
  • flow yoga
    Flow Yoga Sequence
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Sophia Butler-Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts.   A ‘Breathe & Flow Yoga’ sequence starts by first connecting with a steady breath to focus the mind and relax the body.   Conscious awareness of good breathing patterns while ...
  • Baby Blogs
    The Baby Blogs - Month 7
    Baby Blogs 7   As the weeks start blending into each other and time really starts to just tick away I found myself getting more and more stressed at work. It was like a rug was ripped from under with me and the foundations of my business just disappeared. However, my wonderfully supportive ...
  • breathe
    Stress Causes Bad Digestion
    A wonderful article by our Nutrition Ambassador, Zoe Kirby. Check out her page for more posts.   Stress is one factor that has been linked to digestive complaints.  Read on for some tips on how to digest your food better.   We spend so much time thinking about what we should be eat...
  • yoga
    How to Breathe In Yoga
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Katie Smith. Check out her page for more posts.   Breath is everything in yoga.   Unity - completing the connection with self. I will set out a quest - an invitation to play around experimenting to find a personal breathe. Bespoke, to...
  • Breathe
    How To Breathe Whilst You Train
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts.   The benefits of breathing whilst exercising go far and wide, and the worst thing you can do in any exercise form is to hold your breath.   In Pilates and Yoga classes you will find that t...
  • body balancing
    Body Balancing Pilates
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador CJ Jones Leake. Check out his page for more posts.   We all have imbalances in our body for one reason or another. While our gym workouts tend to hit both sides evenly, when we go about our daily life, we unconsciously use our dominant side more...
  • breathing
    Health Benefits of Breathing Deeply
    A wonderful article by our Nutrition Ambassador, Eva Killeen. Check out her page for more posts. Something you may not have considered is that there's something you're doing this minute, without even realising it, that is an excellent form of stress relief: breathing.   Other ways to red...
  • HIIT & Breath Workout at Home
    A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador Adam Stansbury. Check out his page for more posts.   All too often in life, we forget to do the simple things, and it's those simple things done on a day to day basis that allow us to function optimally and to be fully present in whatever we're ...
  • yoga 30
    Grounding Yoga In 30 Minutes
    A wonderful article by our fitness ambassador Katie Smith. Check out her page for other posts. This 30-minute video is a wonderful starting point in you and I getting to know one another and how I will guide you through our practice.   Time is a pickle for many so I have made it my missi...
  • stretch
    Smart Ways To Stretch
    A wonderful blog post by our fitness ambassador Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts. The benefits of stretching go far and wide, as the more length and mobility that your muscles have, the more freedom your body then has to move.   Tight tense bodies can leave you feeling stif...
  • train smart
    How To Train At Home
    A wonderful article by our fitness ambassador Adam Stansbury. Check out his page for more posts.   What if you could train at home for mobility, strength and fitness whilst getting lean? In this day and age, our time is precious. We have families, jobs and other responsibilities that make ...
  • Pilates
    Pilates Moves To Kick Butt
    A wonderful blog post by our fitness ambassador CJ Leake. Check out her page for more posts.   Your backside should be doing so much more for you than helping you to look good from behind. Strong glutes are essential for virtually every activity that involves the movement of the pelvis. W...
  • spinal
    Smart Spine, Stable Core - Avoid Back Pain &...
    A wonderful article by our fitness ambassador Sophia Butler Cowdry. Check out her page for more posts.   Spinal health and core stability are fundamental to the good functioning and movement patterns of the entire body.   My ‘Smart Spine, Stable Core’ class provides a series of si...
  • The Green And Lean 7 Day Challenge!
      Welcome to the Green and Lean 7 Day Challenge! We're so excited to get you started and ready to join thousands of Green and Leaners in transforming our bodies and lifestyles! Scroll down to download your shopping list, meal plan, Prep Night Guide and Exercise Plan below - let's do this! ...
  • How To Stay Healthy On Holiday
    Here’s how to stay healthy, glowing and enjoy the exciting new holiday dishes without the guilt!   You’ve been counting down the days until your summer break – and maybe cutting down on indulgences before your vacation. But the minute you hit the sun lounger, healthy eating goes out the win...
  • Ben Branson - Seedlip
    Ben Branson; Founder, Seedlip   Ben is the Founder of Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. His mission is two-fold: Solve the dilemma of what to drink, when you’re not drinking, and continue his family’s 300 years of North Lincolnshire farming heritage, where they used...
  • plant based protein
    Plant Based Protein For Exercise
    Chicken salads and whey protein shakes have gained a reputation as the go-to foods to maintain muscle mass. However, eating too many of these acid-forming foods might leave you feeling sluggish and irritable. So what are the best forms of alkaline protein? And how much do you need?   ‘For...
  • eat happy
    Eat Yourself Happy - Foods For Depression
    You can eat yourself happy. There is a second brain in your stomach, and what you eat affects how you feel.   There are approximately 100 million brain cells in your gut. These neurones span the surface of your entire nervous system (ENS), and influence your emotional state. Small wonder th...
  • 660 gallons
    You Use 660 Gallons Of Water By Eating One...
    News that processed meats were a major cause of cancer sparked a media frenzy last year. In October the World Health Organisation announced that bacon, sausages, salami and ham were ‘group one carcinogens’, placing them in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, alcohol and tobacco.   ...
  • livestock globally
    Livestock Is Globally Responsible For 18% Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    What is happening in the farming industry and the effect it is having on the rest of the world. Is livestock globally responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions?   We asked Kerry McCarthy, the new shadow minister for the Environment to give us her comments and statistics.   Yo...
  • organic turkeys
    The 5 Best Organic Turkeys
    If you eat meat, choose an organic turkey this Christmas.   Battery birds are pumped with antibiotics and fed 24 hours on corn or GMO grain (which means the meat is higher in inflammatory omega 6). On the other hand, turkeys fed an organic diet and allowed to forage for greens have far more...
  • india
    Travels To My Elephant In India | Blog
    Back in March Mr B and I were invited to join my friend's team on the Travels to my Elephant race organized and created by Quintessentially Foundation.   We were to drive local Indian auto rickshaws 500km across India. Why wouldn’t I say yes?! This was all in aide of supporting and rais...
  • Miami Healthy City Guide
    Los Angeles may be The United States’ indisputable champion of the healthy eating and wellness scene but other American cities are now emerging from its shadow. Miami is one of them. So we’ve asked husband and wife team, Claudia Gonzalez and Michel Francoeur - an incredibly inspiring globetrottin...
  • Alkaline Eating For Men
    ALKALINE EATING FOR MEN Many women follow an alkaline lifestyle because they see a noticeable improvement in their general health and wellbeing. But what about men? Are they hooked? We’ve asked Ross Bridgeford, founder of Life Energized, the world’s largest alkaline diet website, health coach and a...
  • healthy summer hair
    Magda Jagri Talks Healthy Summer Hair
    Healthy Summer Hair - with Magda Jagri.   Keeping our hair healthy this summer can be a bit of a battle.  With holidays upon us and the sun, sweat, salt water, sand, chlorine, humidity and air travel to deal with, our hair might be forgiven for being a bit frazzled! So we’ve asked Magda Jag...
  • festival
    Wellbeing Festival Survival Guide - The Natural Way
    Music festivals are certainly one of the highlights of the British summer.   Hundreds of thousands of revelers of all ages flock to the various festivals all over the UK every year – whether rain or shine. Yes, they can certainly be a muddy and wet affair, but some might say that is part...
  • 21 Day Reboot
      Our latest 21-day alkaline easy to follow plan is the perfect tool if you are looking to start improving your diet or interested in the health benefits of following an alkaline lifestyle. To start you off we give you the tools you need like meal planner, loads of quick and easy midweek rec...
  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Skin And Hair
    We all know that eating a natural plant-based diet is beneficial to our general health and wellbeing. A healthy approach not only offers us the perfect fuel for our bodies but it can also make us look and feel fantastic. But we can even go one step further - by decluttering our beauty regi...
  • 7 Ways To Exercise Without A Gym Membership
    This summer, there are simply no excuses not to get fit.   Not only is the sunshine and warm weather inspiring us to get moving and enjoy the outdoors, but a whole new approach to fitness training is also encouraging us to give our workouts a make-over.   “Drop-in” classes – a conc...
  • Online Fitness
    Online Fitness - Your living room is officially fit for working out! Very few people can afford to invite a top-notch trainer into their home for a workout session, right?   Well, not necessarily. Happily, many of us are now being gifted the opportunity thanks to new live-streaming class...
  • Why Eat Organic
    8 Reasons To Eat Organic Food   I have always believed in eating to be healthy – enjoying simple and good food that nurtures the mind and body. For me, this means eating organic.   Put simply: organic food is better for you, better for the environment and better for our animals. An...
  • 5 Festivals With Awesome Food
    Music festivals no longer represent a feast just for the ears. In recent years, many festival organisers have started to take their edible options as seriously as their music lineups. Forget about the soggy and limp chips, rubbery hot dogs, terrible burgers and warm beer. True, there was a...
  • Are you ready to take the challenge?
    Running – Are you ready to take on the challenge?   Marathon season is now in full swing. There are 5K and 10K races happening all over the UK this summer, making it the opportune time to lace up your trainers and get fit and healthy. Last April, more than 38,000 running enthusiasts took...
  • Want To Launch A Successful Food Blog?
    Here are the top tips from some of London’s most ‘liked’ food bloggers.   A good camera and great lighting are crucial, baking with bananas is a winner and posting simple, quick recipes is a sure fire way to get new followers. Wild Heart Native Soul What is your food philosophy? I do...
  • 6 Ways To Get Restful Sleep
    Sleep. It’s the most natural and effortless thing in the world.   It’s something we all need, cherish and crave more of. Getting that right amount of shut-eye can do wonders to our minds, bodies and general wellbeing. It helps us to see the world in a better light and tackle life’s compe...
  • Natural Beauty Products For Men
    The British men’s grooming market is worth £911.1m, but so many products are filled with toxins; phthalates, endocrine disrupting chemicals and aluminium.   When we apply products to our skin they are absorbed immediately into our cells. You only need look at hormone creams to get the measu...
  • My Heavenly Holiday In Cambodia - Travel Diary
    When I found out my friend was getting married in Thailand I thought it the perfect excuse to do a long 2 week holiday.   I wanted to feel amazing when I came back. I wanted to be rested and feel restored and feel like someone had looked after me. We have always wanted to go to Cambodia and...
  • The Healthy Way To Get To Work By Laura...
    Want to know the healthiest way to get to work?   It’s simple – all you have to do is look at cycling statistics and obesity levels in Europe. In the UK, only 4% of people say they cycle every day as opposed to 30% in Denmark, and 43% in the Netherlands.   Now let's look at obesity...
  • Surprising Foods For Your Sex Drive
      You might think a fancy restaurant meal is the best way to spark romance – but it can also be a libido killer. Think overeating, indigestion, and a red-wine fuelled argument. The good news is there are healthy foods – already in your kitchen – that can switch on your mojo.   Oat...
  • How To Make Her Happy
    Chocolate vs Connection? Flowers vs Feelings? Card vs Communication? It goes without saying that buying flowers, chocolate and a card for your woman will put a smile on her face. It’s almost a sure thing. But what if you could take it a step further? Or, a step deeper? What if your gift gave her ...
  • How To Make Him Happy
    Want a healthy recipe for making him happy? Focus on what makes YOU happy. Find that inner smile across your heart, radiate relaxed confidence and he will be inspired to find his own light. Focusing on ‘him’ at the exclusion of your own needs is often futile; it’s definitely exhausting, potential...
  • Tantra: Tips For A Healthy, Honest Relationship
    What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’ve bought a card, you’ve booked dinner or perhaps you’re jamming your fingers in your ears and are determined to spend February 14th just like any other Saturday? While flowers and lavish meals are all very well, Tantra offers an entrance into somet...
  • 10 Perfect Gifts For Valentine's Day
    We have rounded up 10 of the most covetable gifts for him and her. Its cold outside, so turn up the heat with these novel, nutritious (and naughty) ideas. For her: For him:
  • Aphrodisiac Food: 5 Recommendations By Dale Pinnock
    Valentine's Day is getting closer and we could not avoid writing about truly aphrodisiac food.   As you guys know here at Honestly Healthy the last thing we want to do is to publish stereotyped and non-scientific info about food, so we call for the help of our Honestly Healthy Hero - Dale P...
  • A Happy Mind For 2015 By Chris James
    How do we achieve a happy mind for 2015?   We can spend years listening to others tell us what's best for us, only to find that when we get our dream home, perfect body, a bonus check, we still feel as if something is missing. Finding your purpose and passion in life isn't an overnight thin...
  • Stay Healthy Life Mantras
    When it comes to staying healthy or starting a journey towards better health we all need a push. We have put together four stay healthy life mantras that will not only influence your physical health but also your psychological one.   Sometimes we decide to take a journey towards better heal...
  • The Vegan Runner
    There are a number of sports where vegetarians and vegans excel.   Running and being vegetarian or vegan is not a novelty. In fact, not only is possible for advanced runners to be vegetarian or vegan but also there are legends of this sport that are vegetarian or vegan. If you are over 30 o...
  • Being Grateful The Power Of Positive Affirmations
    Christmas for me is the most important time to be grateful.   About 4 years ago, I read a book called The Secret and it is all about the power of positive affirmations. I would love you guys to try this wonderful exercise to help attract more love and great things into your life. When you w...
  • Superfoods For Travellers
    So as Christmas is drawing closer, some of you guys may be sourcing a new super warm jacket to keep out the cold, while others might be surfing around for where on earth they might be able to buy a new bikini at this time of year!   I am staying firmly at home this year, but for those of yo...
  • Cleansing Yoga with Libby
    In spite of the cloudy Autumn weather, the HH team braved the cold with one of our Honestly Healthy Heroes to create an easy session of Cleansing Yoga with Libby Limon. Libby was wearing Lorna Jane activewear while shooting this video, and specifically a pair of Lorna Jane F/L Distinct tight and...
  • Favourite Sportswear For Autumn
    There is nothing like our favourite sportswear for Autumn to inspire you to get moving again.   In addition, when the frost starts fogging up the car windows it is time to move to the long leggings people! The fitness and wellness folk at Hip & Healthy have an awesome range of some of t...
  • A Healthy Guide To LA
      There is no denying that when it comes to food, and healthy food, LA is kind of where it all happens!   It's the mothership and the where all of the action tends to happen first. Us Brits are keeping up though and are giving those LA kids a run for their money. That being said, I R...
  • Improving Your Adrenal Health
    High stress levels can have a massive impact on the way the adrenal glands function, so if this is something you are experiencing then it’s even more important that you take care of them!   The adrenals, which can found at the top of the kidneys, are the glands responsible for secreting hor...
  • The 3 Best Exercises To Draw Out Toxins
    Every now and then we need to address our toxicity levels and draw them out in the best possible way.   One of the best ways to draw out the toxins is through your skin. This means you need to get your sweat on! Sweating is very cleansing for the body. Over time, cultures have embraced the ...
  • A Sugar Detox Yoga Video
    This week on the site we are discussing all things sugar!   The dreaded refined white stuff is a constant subject matter in the media these days and for good reason! Sugar is quite literally everywhere and the length to which so many of us are addicted is quite alarming. It seems it has bec...
  • Travelling With Kids
    This excerpt is taken from the beginning of the book, and is a must read for any parents of young kids out there.   This article comes as part two of our Green Kitchen Stories takeover. Part one came in the form of the most beautiful Deluxe Acai Bowl recipe from the new cookbook Green Kitch...
  • The Mayr Clinic - A Review Of Austria's Alkaline...
    As a pioneer of the alkaline way, the Mayr Clinic is one of a kind when it comes to cleansing, healing and replenishing the body. Late Dr Mayr, the founder of the clinic, was so ahead of his time and his practices are still helping people overcome everything from chronic intestinal issues such as Ch...
  • 5 Tips For Happiness
    If I ever have periods of not feeling myself, feeling low, unmotivated and a little depressed then I automatically have two alarm bells that go off in my head. Am I eating properly and have I taken enough exercise? With these two mantras, I know that I can keep myself on track which ultimately le...
  • Yoga For Beginners - An Online Class
    So excited to now be working closely with a fantastic new online yoga company called Movement For Modern Life. They are the latest and greatest in online workout videos and have a huge range of amazing yoga content to help you with everything from getting started with yoga, detoxing with yoga, yoga ...
  • Fitspiration - The Best Instagram Accounts for Fitness Inspiration
    There is no doubt that the world is a little Instagram obsessed at the moment - hands up, we are too. Along with Pinterest, it has become an everyday tool to fuel us up with inspiration and motivation. Sometimes on those down days, you can sometimes find yourself thinking that you would rather eat r...
  • Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones...By Chris James
    He now tells us that through some vast discomfort, he was able to find enormous comfort in his life.   Chris James of Chris James Yoga has been through a lot and has seen his life balance on the very edge. Are you sitting comfortably? I was told not to move. My neck was broken at C2 &...