Workout And Wind Down

Video by Kamran Bedi

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Kamran Bedi. Check out his page for more posts.

Relaxation is so important in today’s day and age especially with the speed that we move around at; working, kids, families, we have so much going on.

Our bodies can really feel the pressure from life and from training so it’s important to relax.


There are various ways that you can workout and things like Pilates and yoga can help you still work your body but in a more relaxed way.

One of the key areas of Pilates is to activate the muscles correctly and this can be really focussed on when you’re training. Are your firing your glutes properly? Are you activating your deep inner core muscles? The focus you can have through this method of training can help you to relax and activate certain muscle groups with more focus.

So this workout is helping you get clear on what muscles are working and when, and then it finishes with a delicious full body wind down.


This is excellent and so important for any fast paced person, overworked mum and all those on the green and lean plan.

This will help you to tune into your breath, to relax your body fully and to invite your mind to a place where you can also wind down and relax. Your mind may wander and you may find it difficult to relax but practice makes perfect. The more you try working on your mind the more you will have the same result as you see in your body.

Any change takes time so do not give up and allow yourself time and space to mentally and physically relax as much as you possibly can.


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