Young At Heart

Video by Katie Smith

A wonderful video by our fitness ambassador, Katie Smith. Check out her page for more posts.

Heavy hearted to light-hearted…. Young At Heart.


I have created a 15-minute sequence creating heat within the body to dig deep, unroot, untangle and detangle – walking off the mat feeling restored, energised, rested and connected.


This Theme is a perfect upgrade into teaching a dynamic Yoga Practice. The first 2 videos are supporting stepping stones encouraging alignment and breathing.

It is so easy to get caught up in everything around us. Being sucked up into being distracted and losing connection with self.  Heaviness can weigh you down affecting your day to day life. Foggy head & heart means we can lose motivation.


This practice will break through and clear your path.

Igniting the fire within to regain and claim your inner strength to feel more positive and calm. A nourishing and cleansing practice that will also move and free your body to build strength and mobility for your Green and Lean programme. The knowledge you have now from my previous videos. I hope encourages you to feel more confident with your breathing and positioning so that you can navigate and feel familiar with your practice.


Being a parent of 2 little ones finding time to practice can be difficult. It’s not always about being busy with my children, to be honest, it can be about a lack of motivation and patience to get me out of the ‘overtired state’. When left this can build up and can become stagnant. Feeling discouraged.


A practice that will kick start the voice within to massage into a more nurturing tone. This will help ‘mindful motivation’ to excite you to remap your training process.


This practice is accessible to the humans in full-time office work or full-time home mama…. tickle and tease to entice them to get onto the mat. Teaching a practice that will tap into the heavy unmotivated feeling releasing stress to lighten the heavy hearted.

I invite you to this practice to get you out of this feeling that is starving you of change, and onto your mat to open opportunities & inspire.


We end on a mini meditation before your day begins -which can be at any stage of your 24.



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